Edwin B. Weist

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    Edwin B. Weist

    DiaryThis is the time that Edwin wrote in his diary.
  • Sick

    Edwin sickEdwin is sick and he got on to the sick list. They said he has a cold and diarheoah.
  • The Bet

    The Bet
    http://www.civilwarhome.com/weistdiary.htm' >The Bet</a>He had made a bet of $1.00 with Weasner that we would be home in less than a year from January 17 of 1863.
  • Miles

    MilesEdwin is 3 miles above Falmouth.
  • Trouble

    Trouble Murphy, Blackburn, and Newborn were sentenced by court martial for stragling. The latter two to have $10.00 of their monthly pay sent home to their families and to wear a barrel around the neck six hour each day for five days.
  • Moving

    MovingEdwin arrived there about 6. o.clock. They were about to miles away from the juction. He marched a long time without resting, and water was very scarce.
  • Money

    MoneySent home $20.00 to day enclosed in package to the adress of H. Jamison at Peru. Had Brigade inspection this afternoon. A officer took down a list of all the clothing he wanted to use to complete the outfit of the men. Edwin put down for an overcoat a pair of pants two pairs socks and a pair of shoes. $680.00 was the amount.
  • War

    WarFrom what Edwin's diary says, the Army of the Potomac lost at Fredericksburg 1,138 killed, 9,105 wounded, 2,078 missing: At Gettysburg 2,834 killed, 18,708 wounded, 6,643 missing. The army of the West lost at Cickamauga 1,544 killed 9,272 wounded and 4,945 missing.
  • Letters

    LettersEdwin had review with Gen. Finch, and it did not go very good. He also received a letter from his Aunt Nancy and one from a strange young lady named Jennie Chadwick.
  • Money

    MoneyEdwin's clothing account was at $115.00 at one time in his life. The Captatin offered $5.00 a piece, if thirty men out of the company would agree to reinlist.