Educational Timeline

  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    During the Brown vs. Board of Education, schools were no longer allowed to be segrated. Every school was required to become integrated.
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    During this time, education became offically funded for.
  • Rehabilitation Act

  • Education for all Handicapped Children Act

    Individuals with Disabilites Education Act was created. This act meant that all children were required to be given an equal opportunity to attend school. The "zero reject" was put into place. Before this amandement was created students could be rejected.
  • IDEA

    During 1977 the government finally used the laws and made students equal.
  • Board of Education vs. Rowley

  • IFSP

    Individualized family service plan was enacted. This means that toddlers and infants were now pretected under IDEA and children could recieve care, starting at birth.
  • Individuals with Disabilites Education Act

    The IDEA made a point to stop using "handicapped" and use the term "disabled". Also, when directing something towards a disablied student, the student always come first because he or she is the focus, not their disability. TBI and Autisim were also given categories and the transition program was put into place. for students whom are of age.
  • Disipline Law

    Disabled children could be suspended for up to ten days. If the child committed a crime or did anything to break the law, he or she is arrested and laws are followed as normal. The response to no manifestation added the stipulation for considering the disability and the student as a whole. The student was evaluated based on the behavorial issue. ADD/ADHD were added to OHI prior to the Rehabliation act.
  • NCLB

    No Child Left Behind Act was orginally created in order to get students on his or her appropriate grade level.
  • No Child Left Behind

    Children were required to be tested on his or her current grade level. Students were to be proficient in Math and English, while making improvement. The transition plans had to be adequate. IDEA was changed to IDEIA and RTI was put into place.