Classroom blind

Educational Technology

  • School Slate

    School Slate
    Students would use these slates to practice writing script.
  • Chalk Board

    Chalk Board
    While students practiced script on their slates, teachers taught off of chalk boards.
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    Classroom Technology

  • Pencil and Paper

    Pencil and Paper
    Not too long after slates came the use of pencils, which can still be found in classrooms today.
  • Overhead Projector

    Overhead Projector
    This replaced the chalk board for teachers as pencils and paper replaced slates for students. This gave teachers more flxibility to project images and text as well as notes.
  • Ballpoint Pen

    Ballpoint Pen
    Ballpoint pens became more of an aid and more useful to teachers. Students liked to erase their mistakes with pencils. While teachers use pens to correct and grade student's work.
  • PLATO Computer

    PLATO Computer
    Automated teaching perations provided a foot in the door for future educational market items.
  • White board

    White board
    Dry erase boards grew rapidly as an alternative for teachers.
  • Interactive White Board

    Interactive White Board
    Combines many technological breakthroughs including; whiteboard, computer, and projector.
  • XO Laptop

    XO Laptop
    Replaced the PLATO computer system with XO Laptop that provides one laptop per child.
  • Ipad

    Ipad has the ability to replace the pencil and paper. This technology is still in its early stages and we will see how it help or hinders the goals of education.