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  • 1096

    University of OXFORD

    University of OXFORD
    In 1096, The first English speaking university in the United Kingdom. Founded by Oxford, United Kingdom. There is no university existed to study before 1096. So, it is planned. The project of the building the university was completed in 1096. The deliverables are Offering 49 Undergraduate programs and 164 research programs.

    Harvard is the oldest institution in United States, founded by vote of the Massachusetts
    Bay Colony’s Great and General court in 1636. In the beginning, the college primarily trained Congregational and Unitarian clergy. Harvard University building project was completed in 1636.
  • Embossed Typography

    Embossed Typography
    Valentin Hauy initiated this project in 1784.
    Embossed Typography is the first methodology that helps the visually impaired to read. He started the project in 1784 and published his works in the year 1786.
    Project outcome:
    Valentin Hauy developed special characters which can produce embossed typography which made reading and education possible for the blind.
  • The University of Otago

    The University of Otago
    The University of Otago, founded in 1869 by an ordinance of the Otago Provincial Council, The
    project is unique as it was the first university built in New Zealand, the project is temporary as the
    University opened in July 1871 with a staff of just three Professors, . The outcome of the project has created a higher education and granted degrees in Arts,
    Medicine, Law and Music.
  • GRE

    The graduate record examination is a standardized test for admissions requirement for many
    graduate schools. It was established in 1936 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of teaching
    This project is unique as the first test was conducted in 1938, the project was temporary as came
    into existence after conducting it in 1948. The outcome of the exam is to assess the students, by
    conducting a test. Which helps the colleges to decide if the student is fit for their program.
  • Graduate Management Admission Test

    Graduate Management Admission Test
    In 1953, The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) was first used for the business school entrance test in America. The purpose of the GMAT introduction was to provide a more transparent application process that was the same for all students. This came into being after first conducted in 1953. Certainly, makes admission decisions. It helps to determine the ability of the student to go to college and university
  • The Andhra Pradesh Primary Education Project (APPEP)

    The Andhra Pradesh Primary Education Project (APPEP)
    Project executed by govt of India in collaboration with British govt. It was the first primary school education project in AP in collaboration with British govt. Phase 1 of the project ended in 1987 & Phase 2 in 1996.
    Project outcome:
    84 classrooms were constructed with improved design & training programmes conducted for 795 teachers. Phase 2 of the project extended the programme to 23 districts of AP.

    It is the world’s most valued educational company $5.4 Billion.
    Byju’s learning app was designed as an innovative way for students to learn using video-based learning programs for the K-12 segment and competitive exams. The project of the Byju’s learning app was completed in August 2011.
  • Building of Haeata College Campus

    Building of Haeata College Campus
    A new merger school, Haeata Community Campus, is being built on Aranui High's field between Shortland St and Breezes Rd. It will include two junior and high school blocks, a library, and a performing arts centre with seating for up to 650 students.It is unique and a one off build to replace Aranui school. It has a clear start and finish date to be completed by January 2017.
  • Hiring of Primary School Teachers in a New Auckland school

    Hiring of Primary School Teachers in a  New  Auckland school
    The new Primary school in Auckland , Kemeu, has to employ staffs for the start of the next academic year for January 2020. The MOE is executing the project with the aim to fully staff the school. Staffing the school when it is just opening is a unique and temporary situation. This requires a great deal of planning and the role of Project Manager is temporary.