By liltomb
  • 384 BCE


    Aristotle's' zoology and the classification of species was his greatest contribution to the history of biology, the first known attempt to classify animals into groups according to their behavior and, most importantly, by the similarities and differences between their physiologies
  • Francis bacon

    Francis bacon
    discovers a world of bodies as micro-polities, each characterized by distinctive constitutions
  • Rene descartes

    Rene descartes
    made fundamental contributions in mechanics, optics, geology
  • alexander von humbolt

    alexander von humbolt
    Predicted man-made climate change
  • henry ch cowles

    henry ch cowles
    Cowles was one of the first Americans to use the word "ecology." In fact, he taught himself to read Danish so that he could better understand the Danish ecologist Eugenius Warming's works
  • Eugene P. Odum

    Eugene P. Odum
    Eugene P. Odum is well known as one of the "founding fathers" of contemporary ecology, especially for characterizing and promoting the use of the ecosystem in ecological studies.