ECI 416 Timeline

By lpesay
  • Brown V Board of Education

    This case is famously known for its role in the fight for civil rights, but what most people don't know is it also opened the door for students with disabilities as well. Because "separate but equal" education was deemed unconstitutional, families were able to advocate for equal education for students with disabilities.
  • PARC v Pennsylvania

    This is one of the first court cases regarding public education for students with disabilities. It made it law that states could not deny students with disabilities public education.
  • Education for All Handicapped Children Act

    This was one of the first laws passed in the US by President Ford. It provided for "free, appropriate public education" to students with disabilities all over the US. However, this law would later be changed to make better accommodations.
  • Honig V Doe

    In 1988, the Supreme Court ruled it unlawful to expel a student with disabilities because of their disability. This case became important because it advocated for the rights of students with disabilities and helped support the decision of Brown v Board of Education by creating equal education opportunities.
  • EHA Becomes IDEA

    In 1990, EHA became Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA. The amendments passed during this time helped focus more on the student rather than the condition or disability a student had. It helped create more equal education for students with disabilities.
  • Older Sister Was Born

    This was the day my parents had their first child. She is my older sister and she is currently in medical school.
  • "The Killers" Form

    To this day, "The Killers" are still my favorite band. The assembled the same year I was born, and I still listen to their music daily whenever I get the chance.
  • Day I Was Born

    I was born around mid March in 2001. I was the second child to a family that would eventually become five.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    In 2002, President Bush passed the No Child Left Behind Act. This helped set academic achievements and standards for students in the public school system. This also applied to students with disabilities. It expected schools to accommodate students with disabilities help achieve their standards.
  • IDEA Improvement Act

    In 2004, amendments were made to IDEA in order to create higher standards for special education. Teaching credential standards went up, there was an increase in funding to early intervention, and there was use of Response to Intervention.
  • Little Sister Was Born

    My little sister was born in the middle of October. She would be the completion of our family, people wise at least. She is a senior in High School now.
  • The Day We Got Bear

    My entire life I begged my parents for a dog. As I moved into high school, my gift was I would get to pick out a puppy from the local shelter. Bear would be an essential member we never knew we needed.
  • Perez v Sturgis Public Schools

    In this case, a deaf student was denied an interpreter for 12 years in the public school system. This case has just moved up to the Supreme Court. This is so important because it shows even with the advancements made in law, there is still discrimination in the school system.