By arsh25
  • Auction Web

    Auction Web
    In 1995 Pierre Omidyar created Auction Web now known as Ebay and listed used items for sale
  • Millionth Sale

    Millionth Sale
    In the second quarter of 1997 Auction Web hit its millionth sale which was a Bird Bird Jack-in-the-Box
  • Ebay

    In September of 1997 Auction Web was officially named as Ebay
  • CEO

    Meg Whitman appointed as the CEO
  • Ebay University

    Ebay University
    In the year 2002, eBay University was founded that focused on helping new sellers find their footing in the global marketplace
  • The eBay API

    The eBay API
    eBay's first Application Programming Interface went live giving developers the power to build thier own custom interfaces
  • Ebay Stores

    Ebay Stores
    eBay also introduced eBay Stores which allowed sellers to open their own dedicated eBay store to their customers on a regular basis, emulating the rising fame of similar online ecommerce solutions popping up.
  • Ebay & PayPal

    Ebay & PayPal
    eBay acquires PayPal for a secure and hastle-free payment system
  • Live Conference

    Live Conference
    The first live eBay conference was held at California bringing together sellers, buyers, developers, etc.
  • National Technology and Innovation Medal

    National Technology and Innovation Medal
    One big landmark for eBay was when then President, George W. Bush awarded eBay with this prestigious award, honoring outstanding growth in technology and innovation
  • Rajiv Dutta

    Rajiv Dutta
    Rajiv Dutaa the previous president of Skype was appointed as the eBay President
  • PayPal & Ebay Split

    PayPal & Ebay Split
    Paypal and eBay had a great relationship from 2006 to 2015, but after nine years of helping each other thrive and prosper, the companies decide to part ways and become two separate companies. During the time that eBay and Paypal were united, it was often hard to tell the difference between them. Paypal was the sole payment processing system that eBay used for a long time, until they began introducing others to accommodate buyers from other countries or areas that did not offer Paypal
  • eBay’s 20th Anniversary

    eBay’s 20th Anniversary
    In September of 2015, the online auction giant celebrated its 20th anniversary of offering new and used items for sale on eBay. This landmark was celebrated with a huge gathering at their headquarters and around the world
  • 4th CEO

    4th CEO
    eBay names Devin Wenig as their fourth acting CEO of the company
  • Partnering with BigCommerce

    Partnering with BigCommerce
    The partnership allows BigCommerce merchants to seamlessly list their products and manage their inventory on eBay, opening up access to more than 169 million customers around the world
  • ShopBot

    eBay launches a smart personal shopping assistant that you can converse with
  • SellerHub

    eBay debuts the SellerHub, a powerful tool that simplifies the selling experience and helps sellers scale their business
  • White House Equal Pay Pledge

    White House Equal Pay Pledge
    eBay signed the White House Play Pledge which closed the gender wage gap
  • Guaranteed Delivery

    Guaranteed Delivery
    eBay guaranteed delivery within 3 day for over 20 million without memeberships
  • Jamie Iannone

    Jamie Iannone
    Jamie Iannonw takes over as eBay CEO
  • 25th Anniversary

    25th Anniversary
    EBay celebrates it's 25th Anniversary