Earth's Moon

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  • Dec 12, 1000

    4.5 Billion Years Ago

    4.5 Billion Years Ago
    THe Earth's Moon is created 4.5 billion years ago
  • Galileo

    Galileo looks at the moon through his telescope for the first time.
  • First Flybye

    First Flybye
    The first spacecraft to fly by the moon was the Luna one launched by the soviet union. We learned from this that the moon has no magnetic field.
  • First Crash

    First Crash
    Luna two was the first manmade object to land on the moon.
  • First Landing

    First Landing
    Luna nine was the first spacecraft to make a soft landing. All of the other Luna spacecrafts either crashed or missed.
  • First Humans

    First Humans
    NASA's Apollo eleven lands on the moon and Neil Armstrong takes the first step on the moon for mankind.
  • First Lunar Rover

    First Lunar Rover
    Lunokhod 1 is the first lunar rover to land on the moon and it was carried by the USSR's Luna 17.
  • SMART-1

    SMART-1 enters lunar orbit, it is to test new spacetechnology and run by the Europeans.