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Earth 2100

By 9290977
  • Period: to

    21st century

  • Lucy is Born !

    Lucy is Born !
    Lucy is born in New York city.
  • Summer of the Dragonflies

    Summer of the Dragonflies
    Dragonflies that were suppose to be in Cuba were found in Miami, FL.
  • Oil Problem

    Oil Problem
    It's getting difficult to find oil. Gasonline prices began to rise
  • Running on Empty

    Running on Empty
    The gas station runs out, angry mob attacks store manager.
  • Wake Up Call

    Wake Up Call
    Catagory 5 hurricane hits Florida. Everyone was told to evacuate
  • After the Storm

    After the Storm
    People from Miami who has lost everything due to the hurricane has to live together in an evacuation center, Similar events occured around the world. Leaders from all over decided to hold a Global Summit Meeting. China and the U.S could not come to an agreement.
  • The New Normal

    The New Normal
    Droughts happens much more often, which causes food shortages and higher prices. Glaciers that acted as water reservoirs are now gone.
  • In Deep Water

    In Deep Water
    Tuscon's water supply completely ran out. Water had to be delivered by a truck. In San Diego the water company decided to raise their prices.
  • On the Brink

    On the Brink
    Millions of people began to move towards Europe and the U,S. Thousands of people were at the U.S/ Mexico border when someone blew a hole through the fence. People began to stream in, the police fired into the crowd,
  • From Sea to Shiny Sea

    From Sea to Shiny Sea
    Lucy and her family began to move to New York. They drove through Las Vegas, which has now been abandoned, because Lake Mead has dried up. Many people moved up north. Insects began to pray on huge farms.
  • The Big "Green" Apple

    The Big "Green" Apple
    New York has become a self sustaining and enviormental city. Buildings had there own green houses to grow food and solar panels to generate its' own electricity. Every car on the road was electric and more people rode bicycles. Josh was working on building the sea barrier to keep NY safe from rising sea levels.
  • Big Fixes

    Big Fixes
    The sea barrier project is almost complete. In a few months the giant gates would be tested for the first time.
  • Plan B

    Plan B
    Temperature soars even higher because of the level of methane in the atmosphere. Greenland is in danger of collapsing, causing a higher rise in sea level. Jets from all around the world sprayed a mist of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to temporarily cool the earth. However the gas began to burn away the earth's ozone layer. The experiment was stopped.
  • The Ice Storm

    The Ice Storm
    A storm hits New York and the sea barrier were closed, but as the wind became harsher the gates were stuck half way open. A team was called in to close it manually. Josh was one of the people on the team.
  • After the Flood

    After the Flood
    The gates had failed to close and NY was flooded with water, Everything was shut down and everyone was told to evacuate. A new virus broke out and the death count began to rise. Population dropped dramatically. Communication systems in NY shut down all together,
  • Aftermath

    Lucy walks from NY up north to find her daughter and grandson. City that survived are now closed off to everything else. The U.S are now withdrawn and communications no longer exists. It's now up to Lucy to teach her grandson about how the world use to be.