Early Explorers

By kweat14
  • Dirk Hartog finds australia

    1616.25th October Dirk Hartog came along the West australian coast which was mostly desert he and his crew head up north of the west coast and found nothing so they planted a pewter plate into the ground so in a few years people would kwow he had been there.
  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook is a famous Brittish explorer that sailed along the east coast of Australia.Cook had to sail for many mounths to find The Great South Land.13 mounths to be exact which is ayear and one mounth.He was given his orders in a secret letter not to be opened before leaving shore.So his crew could not turn back.
  • George Bass

    George Bass
    George Bass was one of the first men to explore the east Australian coast .George Bass and his friend Mathew Flinders explored together as a team.
  • The Industrial Revolution

    There were many changes during the industrial revolution most
    of the inventions made were machanical things such as cars computers lights and tvs and all the machines you can think of.