early american writing

  • Jamestown

    the first permanet colony English settlement is founded in Jamestown, Virginia
  • here come the pilgrims

    The Mayflower pilgrims establish the Massachuttes bay colony at Plymouth
  • John Smith

    publishes The General History of Virginia
  • William Wood

    noted that the Native Americans took the first ship they saw for a walking island
  • First school

    North Americas first school is founded in boston
  • The first book in America

    Bay plslam book published in america
  • the tenth muse lately sprung up in america

    was the first work by a north american women to be published by edward taylor
  • Mary Rowlandson

    publishes the sovereignty and goodness of god, an account of her capitivity at the hands of alquian indians
  • cotton mather

    publishes the wonders of the invisible world indefense of the salem witch trials
  • the enlightenment

    intellectial energy took place
  • ideals of age

    both enlightenment ideals and purttian values contributed to the countrys thirst for independence
  • The French and Indian War

    when france allied with a number of native american groups to drive out of North america
  • Virgina Convention

    patrick henry thundered to the delegates
  • freedom

    the colonies declered themselves free and independent and fought and defeated one of the greatest military powers on earth
  • Constitution of the United States

    constitution was approve and america was born