Early American History (1600-1699)

By Benji:)
  • Jamestown is settled .

    Jamestown is established as the first permanent English settlement in North America.
  • Quebec founded by Samuel de Champlain.

    Samuel de Champlain establishes the city of Quebec in the Name of France giving France claim to most of Canada.
  • John Rolfe plants Jamestown's first Tabaco crop

    John Rolfe combines different strands of tobacco to produce Jamestown's first stable cash crop that is able to get them back up on their feet.
  • Dutch traders sell Virginia its first slaves

    Dutch traders arrive in Jamestown to sell them America's first 20 slaves and sparking the Southern Slave trade.
  • Opechancanough launches a surprise attack

    Opechancanough launches a surprise attack on the colony of Virginia in one night in the hopes of driving out the English. They kill about 300 settlers.
  • Lord Baltimore starts the Maryland colony

    Lord Baltimore charters the colony of Maryland in the hopes of creating a safe haven for both Catholics and Protestants. However, his colony is filled with a surge of Protestants
  • Thomas Hooker starts the Connecticut colony

    Thomas Hooker founds the colony of Connecticut with offers of goods and land.
  • Roger Williams starts the Rhode Island colony

    Roger Williams who was forced to flee Massachusetts starts Rhode Island for religious freedom.
  • Period: to

    Pequot War

    The Pequot Indians fight because they are being shoved out of their land by the settlers
  • Period: to

    King Philip's War

    A Native American by the Name pf King Philip launched a major attack against the British colonies in an attempt to drive them out in response to the killings of Native American College students.
  • The Glorious Revelution

    William of Orange is able to overtake the British throne without killing the current monarch causing waves in American society.