Dredging Port Phillip Bay

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  • Environmental Effects Statement

    The Port of Melbourne Coorporation releases its Environmental Effects Statement (EES), a report on the environmental, economic and social impacts of the channel deepening projec, for the poublic to view until the 16 of August.
  • Considering the EES

    An independent panel sits until 17 December to hear submissions and consider the environmental effects and issues raised in the EES.
  • Failed Attempt to Stop Trila Dredging

    Dredging costs and Benefits Unknown- Strong Community OppositionA Blue Wedges injunction to stop the trial dredging fails as the objection is dismissed by the Supreme Court of Victoria.
  • Trial Begins

    Dreding TrialThe A$32 million nine-week Trial Dredge Program (TDP) carried out by the Queen of the Netherlands begins.
  • Trial Ends

    Trial ends two weeks ahead and within budget.
  • Considering SEES

    Minister for Planning at the time, Justin Madden, announces the members of the panel the independent panel that will consider the Supplementary Environment Effects Statement for the dredging project.
  • Blue Wedges Wins a Right

    Blue Wedges wins the right to challenge Environment Minister Peter Garrett's right to sign off on the dredging project, with the plan to take the matter to the Federal Court in January
  • Blue Wedge Dismissed

    Blue Wedge not Expected to SucceedThe Federal Court of Australia dismisses the Blue Wedges claim.
  • Black Marlin enters

    The Black Marlin transport ship enters Port Phillip carrying equipment to assist with dredging.
  • The Queen of the Netherlands

    The Queen of the Netherlands leaves Singapore on its journey to Melbourne.
  • Cost confirmed

    Victorian Premier John Brumby confirms the cost of the actual dredging as $500 million.
  • Facing Protestors at Dock

    ProtestorsThe Queen of the Netherlands docks at the South Wharf in Melbourne at 11:00 am. Approximately 25 protest boats tail it as is enters the heads and a smaller group gather on the shore at the mouth of the Yarra River and paddle on kayaks and surfboards as the ship passes under the West Gate Bridge.
  • Approval after Review

    Garret ApprovesFederal Environment Minister Peter Garrett approves the dredging project after reviewing the Environmental Management Plan (EMP). He announces new conditions, including monitoring of water and tidal currents and contaminated sediment not being able to escape from the dredger.
  • Project Begins

    Port Phillip Channel Deepening Project begins
  • Protestors Gather

    About 1, 000 protesters congregate near Rosebud Pier to protest against the dredging operation
  • Dredging the Entrance

    Removal of rock at The Entrance, from the tops of Rip Bank and the end of Nepean Bank (The Plateau) in the shipping channels, commenced on this day. THe Queen of Netherlands begins dredging the area.
    200 protesters gather on each side of The Entrance (at Point Nepean and Point Lonsdale) and boats, power-skis and surfboards.
  • Dredging the Yarra River

    Dredging begins in the Yarra River by the grab dredge Goomai
  • Completion

    Dredgng Full Reportthe State Government announces the completion of works, ahead of schedule and $200 million under budget.
  • Period: to

    Limited Dredging

    The Federal Court of Australia adjourns Blue Wedges' case against the dredging of Port Phillip until 3 March. Limited dredging is allowed to continue during this time.
  • Period: to

    Entrance Region/Portsea Hole Survey

    "After": The Entrance region and Portsea Hole was surveyed during neap tide periods between 9 December 2008 and 9 February 2009. The survey was longer than the planned period .
  • Period: to

    Wilsons Promontory Survey

    'After':The Wilsons Promontory survey was limited to southern and eastern sites. Large swells on the first day and strong to gale force westerlywinds on the remainder days prohibited sampling on the west coast of the promontory.