DPLA: Tracy T and Tracy S

By tslee6
  • Quad School Review

    We were the only 2 teachers on staff with a DPL and had the responsibility of collecting data and reporting to the review team.
    The results on our ICT Index rating were not good. We identified a goal of a AAA by 2014.
  • Period: to

    DPLA: Tracy T and Tracy S

  • Working Towards DPLA

    Although we had missed the cut off for the DPLA online community we discussed strategies with a plan of working towards our goal ready for our ACTION LEARNING PROJECT in 2011
  • Staff PD Sustainability: An ICT Task with a focus on avatars and photo story

    One of our first joint presentations to staff showcasing how ICTs can become part of everyday teachig practice.
  • Strategy for Improvement

    We really wanted our school to improve our ICT rating over the next 4 years, part of that strategy would include us obtaining our DPLA and empowering other staff members to work towards their DPL
  • Period: to


    Staff mentoring as required.(Formal and informal
  • Whole Staff In-service for IWB

    All staff attended, we filmed the 1 hour session for future reference
  • ICT Sharing (Staff) Marci Club

    Before school get togethers of interested staff showcasing ICT eg google maps, learning pathways, learning objects, vokis
    We named it Marci Club after the avatar Jade invented and called Marci in the voki as part of her DPL (the third teacher on staff to get her DPL)
  • Display in Resource centre

    Display in Resource centre
    Creation of ongoing display in resource centre, showcasing our ICT journey with the spotlight on iPods and other digital devices
  • Master Class Teaching and Learning in Digitally Rich Environments

    Master Class Teaching and Learning in Digitally Rich Environments
    We are so lucky to have a principal who supports our vision for the school and allowed 3 of us to attend. (Tracy S, Tracy T and Jade)
  • Initial purchase of 8 iPods

    We purchased 8 iPods (2 sets of 4) for our Year 2 and 3 classes to see how they might transform learig in our setting.
  • Period: to

    Mobile Devices Trial

    Initial purchase of 8 ipods.
    Since then 2 more ipods and 18 ipads have been purchased for classroom use and are being used regularly.
  • Initial Survey of staff

    Surveyed staff using Survey monkey to guage ICT competencies (poor response to survey as recipients needed to reply online)
  • Initial Purchase of iPads

    Initial Purchase of iPads
    Purchase of 4 iPads for staff members with a view of investigating how learning could be transformed using these devices in teacher and student settings.
  • Period: to

    On-going emails to staff.

    Regarding PD Opportunities, Mentoring Opportunities and informal sharing.
  • Staff Feedback

    Something I am doing well or have learnt/something I would like to learn, explore, improve.
  • Twilight PD : Learning Place and edStudios

    Twilight PD  : Learning Place and edStudios
    We ran a series of evening sessions for interested staff. These were very well attended with between 12 and 16 participants (a record for a voluntary after hours PD) (Tracy S)
  • Twilight PD: The Green Screen

    Twilight PD: The Green Screen
    We ran a series of evening sessions for interested staff. These were very well attended with between 12 and 16 participants. Everyone loved the idea of the green screen at the time, but few teachers have used it. (Tracy T)
  • Twilight Bytes: iPadagagy Beyond the Apps

    Once agian we attended this PD together, but this time with a teacher from the SEU who had just started using iPads as part of her daily teaching practice.
  • 3rd ICT Sharing Day

    This time we extended the invitation to include 2 Year 2 classes, the Year 5/6 class and 2 Year 3 classes. We held it in the resource centre, iPads, iPodsBeeBots, NIntendo DS, Wii console, IWB with LP objects, there was alot of learning, sharing, creating and reflecting going across different age groups with varying degrees of knowledge and interest areas. Once again the children gave written feedback.
  • C2C is on it's way

    Lots of discussion and negative comments about c2c and how it will work.
  • c2c is Here.

    Many staff members are feeling very stressed about working with c2c units and having to access the Learning place and online environments as a matter of course during their daily teaching.
  • Aquisition of more data projetors and whiteboards

    All classrooms from 4-7 now have their own data projector (one with and IWB) There are only 3 classrooms in the school without their own wihiteboard now, but these classrooms manage to share but this is becoming increasingly difficult when trying to implement c2c smoothly.
  • ICT PD Leader (Building Capacity in Your School)

    Once again we attended this 2 daypd together. A good opportunity to discuss progress and on going strategies for our school.
  • Period: to

    Creative Bytes Web Conferences

    A series of weekly webconferences offered on a Thursday afternnon after school. Attendance ranged from 4 - 20 participants.
  • ed Studio Help for Year 7 Teachers

    The Year 7 team realised they needed a studio and edtube album to fulfil requirements of C2c Unit. Worked as a team with mentoring to make this happen.
  • 1st ICT Sharing Day for 2012

    1st ICT Sharing Day for 2012
    New students, we had a sharing day for the 4 Year 3 classes, with a combination of outside and inside spaces we all had a chance to learn, create share and reflect.
  • Smart Classroom Teacher Awards

    We both entered these awards showcasing ways we are transforming learning at GB
  • 2nd ICT Sharing Day for 2012

    This time we invited a Year 1 class and a Year 4 class (both teachers are now working towards their DPL)
  • Expression of Interest DPL

    Year 1 teacher created studio and working towards DPL (self initiated with mentoring)
  • Staff Survey (Coalition Sharing Day)

    Surveyed staff regarding preferences for coalition ICT Pupil Free Day (Tracy T)
  • Mobile Learning Devices Protocol for our School

    With the rollout of 10 iPads for SEU students at our school we initiated discussion on the management of these divices
  • ICT Committee Meeting

    Well attended by 10 staff members.
  • ICT Committee Meeting

    Attended by 10 staff members.
  • AF Training

    Attended face to face training with Tim (4th teacher to gain DPL) Suggested he might like to join after finding out about school based accreditation if a school has 2 or more AFs.
  • School process for DPL accreditation

    Set up ed Studio and school based process for accreditation of DPLs , went through this at staff meeting. Follow up 1-1 meetings with first 5 teachers to go through process.
  • ICT Certificate interviews

    Opportunity for staff to attend discussion session for ICT Certificate accreditation. Attended by 7 staff (2 going for DPL)
  • Powerpoint for DPLA

    Email to Arlene
  • Web Conference for DPLA

    With Arlene at 2.00 pm