Double Love francine pascal 182

  • pages 1-67 total pages read 67

    Meet the main characters Elizabeth and jessica. They are identical twins and elizebeth is a great nice student but jessica is mean and selfish.
  • 67-90 total pages read 23

    The twins both find out they like the same person. Jessica leaves with bruce patman and they go to a bar. Bruce starts a bar fight after jessica tells him she wants to leave.
  • 90-130 total pages read 40

    Todd wilkins the boy both of the twins like asks jessica to the dance because she pressured him into it. Winston takes elizabeth as friends. after the dance jessica tries to make todd look bad by telling elizabeth that he tried to kiss her when she said no.
  • 130-156 total pages read 24

    the twins brother steve was caught with the daughter of the worst family in town. Steve tried to keep it a secret but the twins found out. Tricia is the girl that steve is dating but she dumped him because she thought he didnt want to be seen with her.
  • 156-170 total pages read 14

    Rick andover follows the twins home after dinner at a restaurant and he tried to get the twins to come with him. When they refuse he gets angry and takes controll of the car. He is drunk so they are driving and swirving when they stop todd comes to the rescue and knocks rick to the ground.
  • 156-182 total pages read 26

    Todd and elizabeth found out the truth about jessica lying. Todd asks elizabeth on a date and they are going to te highschool rally. Because the twins look so much a like elizabeth let jessica wear her clothes for the part of the prank. Elizabeth writes a secret letter for the newspaper and if someone found out she did she got dunked in the pool. elizabeth told every one she was jessica and told them that the fake elizabeth wrote the secret letter jessica got dunked in the pool.