Dorian Gray chapters 1-4

Timeline created by lorenzoog2001
  • AD 1

    Lord Henry and Basil talks at Basil's house

  • 2

    Dorian Gray arrives

  • 3

    Basil paints Dorian Gray. At the same time, Lord Henry talks about youth. For this reason, in the paint is been placed at the face of Dorian an expresion of horror

  • 4

    Dorian and Lord Henry depart after Dorian promises, despite Basil’s objections, to go to the theater with Lord Henry later that evening.

  • 5

    Lord Henry visits his uncle, Lord Fermor, to ask him about Dorian Gray’s past. The old man tells him that Dorian comes from an unhappy family with a dark, tangled history.

  • 6

    Lord Henry goes to dine at the home of his aunt

  • 7

    One month later, Dorian tells Lord Henry that he is in love with Sybil Vane, an actress

  • 8

    Lord Henry agrees to accompany Dorian to see Sibyl Vane play the lead in Romeo and Juliet the following night