Don't Blink by James Patterson, fiction, 365 pages

  • 104 pages read

    The story starts with the murder of a mob lawyer for Eddie Pinero, Vincent Marcozza. This happens at Lombardo's Steakhouse where the main character,Nick, is interviewing Dwayne Robinson and catches it all on his "tape recorder". He takes this to the police where it is to be used as evidence, but all the sudden Eddie kidnaps Nick and tells him it was a setup. From there, Nick goes on a search for the truth. Fiction:Mystery -- 1-104 Total: (104)
  • 98 pages read

    As Nick digs more into the mystery he gets a hunch on who set up Pinero. So he goes and follows a bookie named Tagaletto. When he does this he ends up getting trapped by Zambratta, one of Joseph D'zorio's main men who orders Tagaletto to kill Nick. Fiction:Mystery -- 105-203 Total: (203)
  • 102 pages read

    Nick was saved when Tagaletto's gun backfires and kills him, Nick is then let go. Nick then digs even deeper and ends up on the run when he is targeted twice but gets away. Nick finally gets police protection from two NYPD that are both killed by D'zorio's men. Then Nick is captured by D'zorio and is in a horrible car wreck during a high speed chase caused by their vehicle's tire being shot and the car flipping. D'zorio is put in the hospital. Fiction:Mystery -- 204-306 Total: (306)
  • 58 pages read

    Bruno Torenzi, killer of Vincent Marcozza , has a standoff with FBI agent Keller on a train. Nick's niece is on the train and has a bomb in her vest. Agent Keller wins the standoff but lets Torenzi get away as he gets the bomb off the girl. It had a timer on it. Bruno is then killed by LaGrange. Finally, the story ends when Nick uncovers that the DA David Sorren is the one behind it all. Fiction:Mystery -- 307-365 Total: (365)