Timeline created by Chris Neuenfeldt
  • Complete and submit Dissertation Committee Chair Request

  • Register for Disseration Credit

  • Transition Point I: Submit Letter of Intent

  • Transition Point II: Submit for RRB Review

  • Transition Point III: Preliminary Oral Defense

  • Transition Point IV: Submit for IRB Review

  • Transition Point V: Submit Disseration to RRB

  • Transition Point VI: Final Oral Defense

  • Transition Point VII: Final Approval

  • Transition Point VII: Petition to Graduate

  • Period: to

    Phase 1: Finalize a Research Topic

  • Period: to

    Phase 2: Form a Committee

  • Period: to

    Phase 3: Prepare and Defend Dissertation Proposal

  • Period: to

    Phase 4: Conduct Research, Collect and Analyze Data

  • Period: to

    Phase 5: Write the Dissertation

  • Period: to

    Review Formatting