Disruption Timeline

  • Me Too Movement

    Me Too Movement
    The “Me Too” movement, which focuses on the experiences of sexual violence survivors, has earned a large response in part because sexual harassment and sexual assault impact people every day.
  • Climate Change

    Climate Change
    Climate change remains a looming humanity issue because of how complicated and unintegrated the actions are. Started back in October 2019, the campaign has already passed its initial goal. It also received support from other prominent climate influencers
  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter
    Black Lives Matter is a movement that started in 2020 in which African Americans started protesting about the injustice towards black people. It has sparked a hashtag, a network of grass-roots organizations, and a moral collective of activists. The movement now includes many of diverse backgrounds, who had previously not felt connected to the cause.
  • COVID19

    Covid19 started late in 2020 and is a deadly virus that has spread around the world. Social media has provided a platform where people can encourage each other to quarantine or get vaccinated.
  • Asian Lives Matter

    Asian Lives Matter
    Earlier this year this movement started towards Asian discrimination. Because of how social media affected the BLM, The Asian community wanted to stand up for themselves as well