Disease timeline

  • 1334

    Black Death (droplet)

    It killed 25 million people. which was a third of the continents population at the time.
  • Invention of the Microscope

    Invented by Zacharias Janssen, it was created to study bacteria and cells, which wasn't possible beforehand
  • smallpox epidemic (airborne)

    This affected the Aboriginals in 1789, and killed 50%-70% of the Aboriginal population
  • Russian Flu (airborne)

    1 million deaths worldwide
  • Spanish Flu (droplet & airborne)

    50 million deaths, lasted for 2 years
  • Influenza A virus

    12,000-61,000 deaths
  • Influenza Virus (droplet)

    500 million deaths, was discovered in 1957 and is still going, there is not too many ways to stop it
  • Ebola (droplet)

    2016: 11,310 deaths
  • Dengue fever

    20,000 deaths

    770,000 deaths in 2018, 35-43 million dead since the discovery of AIDS
  • Philadelphia Measles outbreak (airborne & droplets)

    9 deaths, started in 1990 and ended in 1991
  • Corona Virus (COVID-19) (droplet)

    caused by someone eating a bat in Wuhan, China, the epidemic is still ongoing and will continue to do so until everyone works together and quarantines.