diminishing progress

By JackieL
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    diminishing progress

    A fight for freedom
  • Antony Johnson Overview

    Antony Johnson Overview
    Africans in AmericaSlave trade started out moderate in the 1620s. If you were a Christion black life was a little easier.Indentued English servents were not uncommon. Then as the years passed it got worse and worse. A young man named Anthony Johnson is a negro that comes over to new land And gets draged into slavery over time. In his time it was not "bad" or "wrong" to own a slave simplely because everyone had one. Anthony makes a good life for himself, his family has to see that progress he made slowly diminish.
  • Slaves are not allowed to bear arms( part 1)

    Slaves are not allowed to bear arms( part 1)
    This is the shortest act of all. This act is only one sentace that is only 21 words long. It is also one of the worst laws you see. This act states " ALL persons except ngroes to be provided with arms and ammunition or be fined at pleasure of the Govenor and council." That really means that evrybody EXCEPT negroes have the right to have weapons. This law is taking away the basic right to survive.
  • (part 2) Slaves not allowed to bear arms

    (part 2) Slaves not allowed to bear arms
    Gun rightsThis law is diminishing for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is taking away basic rights. Slaves may be considering a revolt with guns, however they might be using them for other purposes. Some may need to use a gun to get meat, to feed his family and keep them alive. If someone were to attack them then they would not be able to defend themself. this is one of the worst acts they send out.
  • Anthony Johnson gets own land

    Anthony Johnson gets own land
    On this day, Anthony Johnson becomes one of the few slaves to buy there freedom and own there own land. This is progress because it shows how he was able to gain enough respect to buy his freedom and have as close to a equal life as possible. It shows that there is a possibility that negros can move forword and be equal. It shows that even slaves can make their life better.
  • Africans are allowed to go to court

    Africans are allowed to go to court
    This is when free Africans now have the right to go to court. This is definatly progress. Before they were considered property, and that is still true. However now they are some Africans that have become free. Now they are slowly getting more and more respect. It is not much, but progress is progress and this is at least a small step tward equality.
  • Act VIII: Putting a price on slaves

    Act VIII: Putting a price on slaves
    This is one of the laws that is considered diminishing. Saysthat if one of your slaves runs away and the owner sends a bounty hunter who ends up killing the slave then you get paid and nobody really cares. It is wrong to put a price on lives.even if you own them. When they wrote this law,they were reducing slaves to nothing more than an inanimate object. After slaves had the abillity to gain their freedom( even if it was escaping) this law made it hard for a free black to even be trusted.
  • Africans can't hold office

    Africans can't hold office
    This Act says that negroes will no longer be able to hold public office. This is diminishing. It is taking away the ability for slaves to have power. If they do not have power then things can not change. This is condemming slaves to a life with no chance to have any power or control, whatsoever. negros that hade made progress and held office are having everything they have worked for taken away.
  • Conclusion

    Is diminishing progress really over? Today blacks sometimes are still discriminated aganst. Slavery was bad to begin with. All humans have the need for freedom.Slavery took that away. Slavery today is looked at as awfull, wrong, and unjust. As humans, we make mistakes. It happens every day. We can not go back and change what our ancestors did, but we can learn from it and try to stop similar events from happening.The only way that will happen is with the help of you.