Digital advanced

  • Digital workshop

    The teachers attended to the Digital media workshop
  • The students choose a digital media and a topic to develop

    I showed the students all the medias and the chose some of them to develp the project
  • Guide for exchange students

    They decided to talk about their friend's trip to Vancouver, and create a guide for exchange students.
  • choosing video clips

    They started serching video clips to build their "movie guide"
  • Choosing photos and writing the guide

    The student came back from Canada, showed her pics and they started to chose and write the texts for the movie guide
  • Video clips and pics

    They chose the video clips that fit the pictures
  • Bringing the videos

    They brought the videos and we add the pictures in the movie
  • Writing the texts

    They helped the student to write the texts for the guides according to the pics and videos
  • Recording the voices

    I recorded their voices saying the texts and we added to the movie
  • The movie

    They syncronyzed their voices with the events, videos and pictures in the movie
  • Presentation

    They put the movies into prezi, It was great!