Diesel vs. Gasoline timeline

By doit
  • 400

    Romans invent

    in the 5th century the romans created a crankshaft cilinder engine that would be the first of its kind and eventully evolve into the gas engine
  • Jan 16, 1200

    al Jazari

    he created the first two cilinder engine with a crankshaft conection rod
  • First internal combustion

    water pumps were created using the first intrernal combustion chamber using the energy from the gunpowder explosion
  • sparked explotion

    Francois Isaac de Rivaz made the first hydrogen and oxegen mixed explotion ignited by a spark in a combustion chamber
  • patent

    1st patent was made for an internal combustion engine
  • Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci

    they invented the first 4 cilender engine but the patent was lost and they didnt make any money on it
  • Siegfried Marcus

    he put the first engine on a hand cart and was small enough to be portible
  • Dugald Clerk

    first 2 stroke engine
  • Rudolf Diesel

    he demonstrated the first diesel engine and was the inventer of the diesel type internal combustion chamber