Die deutsche Welt

  • Period: to

    World War One

  • Austria-Hungary joins the war

    Austria-Hungary joins the war
    A) The Central Powers
    B) They country went to war after Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.
    C) They had small mobile canons, crude muskets and faught with honor.
    E) The country had juch support for WWI becasue Serbia assassinated Franz Ferdinand
  • Austria-Hungary joins the war

    Austria-Hungary joins the war
  • Serbia

    A) Central Powers
    B) Serbia started the war by killing the Archduke of Austria-Hungary
    C) Serbia for being a smaller country a large army for its size.
    D) Nationalist in Serbia started the war by killing the Archduke.
  • Germany joins the war

    A) Central Powers
    B) Germany declares war on Russia and France
    C) Germany began to utilize force by a new concept of warfare in chemical weapons.
    D) Germany is very prideful and knows that they are very powerful.
  • Belgium Joins the war

    Belgium Joins the war
    A) Belgium was apart of the Alliance
    B) Belgium entered the war due to their neutrality not being respected
    C) Military concisted of Infantry and Artilery and was il-equiped
    D) Belgium didn't want to enter the war but were forced into it because Germany attacked
  • Belgium joins the war

    Belgium joins the war
  • France/Colonies join the war

    France/Colonies join the war
    A) Allies
    B) The French joined the war to fight Germany and Defend itself.
    C) The French sent 8 million troops and suffered 4 million casualties.
    D) The French went to war because of their alliances and becasue they had pride in being french.
  • Britian Joins the war

    A) Allies
    B) Britain entered the war due Germany not following Belgiums neutrality.
    C) Britain used bolt action rifles and artiliry guns.
    D) Britain went to war due to allies so they wanted to go but over time the people weren't so willing.
  • Greece Joins the war

    A) Ally
    B) Greece entered WWI due to Britain pushing them into it. Their allies pushed them to not become neutral.
    C) Greeces primary weapon was a 75 mm bolt action rifle. they had little artilary
    D) Greece was very reluctant to join the war and had little support from the people.
  • Russia Joins the War

    Russia Joins the War
    A) Allies
    B) The Russians used Nicholas II as their rock of sorts during the war and really rallied behind him.
    C) Russia was stuck in the stone age, literally, they faught with swords and horses.
    D) The Russian government was weak and not very good and the people wanted change.
  • Montenegro joins the war

    Montenegro joins the war
    A) Allies
    B) Montenegro was alligned with Serbia so they joined to fight along side them.
    C) Montenegro is small and did put in many troops
    D) The people of Montenegro had to run when Austria-Hungry
  • Japan jois the war

    Japan jois the war
    A) Allies
    B) Japan wanted to join the war to fight Germany
    C) Japan was delt the job of sinking as many submarines as possible
    D) Japans economy suffered during the war so the people did not support it.
  • Ottoman Empire

    Ottoman Empire
    A) Central Powers
    B) When The Ottoman Empire joins the war they form the Triple Alliance
    C) The Ottoman Empire's military had suffered in previous wars and lost lots of their strength.
    D) The people of the Ottoman Empire were upset because they went from one war to another, and they lost lots of casualties.
  • Italy joins the war

    Italy joins the war
    A) Ally
    B) Italy was colonized and during the ware they faught in the alps, their homeland.
    C) Italy used the high tech weapons for the day, they used rifles and machine guns.
    D) Italy was reluctant to join WWI but once they were in they faught till the end.
  • Bulgaria joins the war

    Bulgaria joins the war
    A) Central Powers
    B) Bulgaria alligned with the Central Powers because they declared war on Serbia.
    C) Bulgaria faught with Maxim Machine Guns
    D) Bulgaria's government wanted to go to war to capture the Serbian province of Macedonia
  • Portugal Joins the War

    Portugal Joins the War
    A) Neutral
    B) Even though they were neutral they still followed Britains request in protecting their colonies in Africa
    C) Portugal had few rifles and faught some behind the scenes fights.
    D) The citizens did not support the war due to the shortage of food in Portugal.
  • Romania Joins War

    Romania Joins War
    B) Romania was was allied with Russia so they helped where Russia was fighting
    C) Romania had modern weapons such as machine guns and pistols but didn't have many ships or subs.
    D) Royalty in Romania wanted to support Germany but none of the People did so they were forced to go with the Allies
  • USA joins the war

    USA joins the war
    A) Allies
    B) The USA joined the war to help out their homie Britain
    C) THey mobilized alot of men and sent supplies to Brittain
    D) The USA has pride in their country and when someone hurts us or our friends we don't cry we band together and push back.
  • Liberia joins the war

    Liberia joins the war
    A) Allies
    B) A small country that joined the war becasue of its trading with the US and Britain.
    C) The country was small and wasn't very strong militaraly
    D) The country came out of the war struggling so the people did not support war.
  • China joins the war

    China joins the war
    A) Allies
    B) China joined the war because they were tired of the European Powers so they didn't want to be controled.
    C) China sent some 170,000 men to go and fight in the war. They faught with very crude guns and swords
    D) The people supported the war because they wanted to be free.
  • Brazil joins the war

    Brazil joins the war
    A) Ally
    B) Brazil entered the war after repeated sink of their ships by the Germans
    C) They didn't fight very much but sent supplies to the allies.
    D) Brazil join the war in October
    E) At first Brazil's people were for the war but steadaly people were not so willing.