Diary of Samuel Sewall

  • Meeting

    Went to Salem, where, in the meeting house, the persons accused of witchcraft were examined. Was a very great assembly. Twas awful to see how the afflicted persons were agitated.
  • The killing

    At asbout noon, Goles gorey was pressed to death for not talking. He was such a pain to everyone trying to get him to talk.all were in vain, in cluding his aquatance Capt. Gardner of Nantucket.
  • Petition

    A petition is sent to town un behalf of Dorcus Hoar, who now confess. Accordingly an order is sent to the sheriff to forbear her execution, not withstanding her being in the warrant to die tomorrow. This is the first condemned person who has confessed.
  • Trial

    ^ of us were at my house, speaking about publishing some trials of the witches. Mr. Stoughton went away and left us, it began to rain and was very dark, so that, getting some way beyond the fortification, was fain to come back again, and lodged here in Capt. Henchmans room. Has been a plentiful rain blessed be God.
  • Mathew 12

    Sam recites mathew 12 to me in Latin. it was from the 6th to the 12th verse. The &th did awefully bring to mind the Salem tragedy.