Dianna Agron

By anna_24
  • Dianna Agron was Born

    Dianna Agron was Born
    photo citationDianna was born on April 30th, 1986 and now she is 26.
  • Starred in Drake and Josh

    Starred in Drake and Josh
    photo citationShe starred as Lexi in the kids television show Drake and Josh.
  • Acts in "When a Stranger Calls"

    Acts in "When a Stranger Calls"
    Photo citationShe plays as a cheerleader in this remake and is given no credit.
  • TV Show: Shark

    Dianna Agron stars as Gia Mellon in this show on the episode Love Triangle.
  • Movie:TKO

    She was in an action movie as Dyanna.
  • Dianna Agron's Video Diary

    It was videotaped during the Glee tour to New York City. It is a video of all Dianna's diary entries.
  • Participated in Spelling Bee

    Dianna Partcipated in a spelling bee for cheater benefit in California.
  • First episode of Glee

    First episode of Glee
    photo citiation Dianna starred in the first episode of the tv show Glee as Quinn Fabray.
  • Gets a new haircut

    Dianna gets a new 7 inch hair cut done during the second season wrap up. She says "Finally".
  • Starts Dating A New Guy

    Starts Dating A New Guy
    photo citationRumors say that she was in a relationship with the NFL player TIm Tebow at this time, and they were planning their future. Dianna on the left. and Taylor Swift on the right.