Diabetes History

By DrAjax
  • Period: to

    Claude Bernard Leads Diabetes Research

    As a pharmacist, Bernard became a dominant figure in physiology and medicine in France. Among his work, Bernard discovered that the liver stored glycogen and secreted a sugary substance into the blood. Bernard assumed this substance was the cause of Diabetes. During this time period, the nervous system was believed to be the controlling factor over secretary organs. This thinking led Bernard to discovering that pricking the brain stem in a conscious animal caused temporary diabetes.
  • Von Mering disproves Bernard's "Liver Causes Diabetes" Theory

    Von Mering disproves Bernard's theory that the liver caused Diabetes when he removed the pancreas and caused diabetes.
  • Frederick Banting and John Macleod look for Cause and Treatment for "Sugar-Disease"

    Canadian Frederick Banting consults John Macleod, who studied glucose metabolism and diabetes, prepare to test Banting's theory of how to find the cause and treatment for Diabetes
  • Banting Begins His Experiment

    Banting and his assistant Charlie Best began their experiments using 10 dogs.
  • Banting Finds Insulin to Be Effective in Treating Diabetic Dogs

    Banting uses the material from the islets of Langerhans to give to diabetic dogs, and saw their high blood sugar lowered.
  • 14-Year-Old Boy Recieves First Insulin Treatment

    Banting and Best try their extracted insulin on a dying 14 year old diabetic, but it fails.
  • J.B. Collip Purifies Insulin Extract for 14-Year-Old

    Collip's purified insulin works and sees his high blood sugar lower; sugar and all signs of the disease removed from his urine.
  • Banting and Best Publish Their Findings

    Banting and Best publish their findings regarding insulin's effects on diabetics.
  • Insulin Crystallized

    J.J. Abel crystallizes insulin.
  • Longer Acting Insulin Created

    Protamine Zinc Insulin is introduced as a better treatment for Diabetes than the traditional insulin injections as it lasted longer.
  • Lente Insulin Introduced

    Lente Insulins are introduced as another, more effective insulin treatment.
  • Frederick Sanger Receives Nobel Prize for Insulin Research

    Frederick Sanger identified Insulin's composition. He determined Insulin was made of two chains of 51 amino acids linked by disulphide bridges, and was then awarded the Nobel Prize for his research.