Developmental Psychology Activity

By alamimo
  • Zygot

    I was in my Zygote stage which are the 10 to 14 where my cells begin to defferinciate.
  • Birth

    I was Born
  • Sensorimotor

    I start exploring using my 5 sences
  • Crawling

    after 7 months i was born
  • Walking

    Started taking my first step
  • infancy

    I had a secure attachment with my mom so when my mom left i would cry
  • Object perminance

    Now even if i dont see th eobject i know it exist
  • Pre school

    i stole from another kid his glue and i feel guilty
  • concrete Operational

    Now grasp concrete conservational
  • Formal Operational

    you can do analogies which leades to algebra
  • Adolesence

    I took time of school to discover who i am deep down inside and what kind of people i like around me
  • Late Udulthood

    I got lung cancer from smoking
  • Alzhimers

    I start developing alzhimers