Development of Rugby League in Wales

  • The Welsh Union was formed

    In 1907, the Welsh Union was formed in Wrexham. However, the Northern Union refused to accept the Welsh Union, as they were adamant that it should be situated in South Wales, not in Wrexham. The Welsh Union folded soon afterwards.
  • Wales host first International game under Northern Union rules

    Wales were the first country to host an international game under the new 'Northern Union' rules. They defeated New Zealand 9 - 8 in Aberdare.
  • Welsh League collapses

    After only two years in competition, the newly formed Welsh League collapsed due to lack of teams and interest.
  • Welsh Commision formed

    In 1926, the RFL created a Welsh commision in an attempt to lure Welsh Rugby Union players over to League.
  • Cardiff compete in the English Championship

    After a succesful stint in the Welsh League, Cardiff were granted a place in the Rugby Football League in 1951. However, a year of poor attendences and results, ended with the team withdrawing from the league.
  • Cardiff City create RL team.

    Cardiff City created a Rugby League team, the 'Blue Dragons' to join the league competition. They lasted until 1984, before they then went into liquidation.
  • Welsh RL created.

    In 1995, the Welsh Rugby League was created.
  • South Wales RLFC created

    A new club were entered into the Second Division in 1996, and that was South Wales RLFC. However, due to not being awarded a Super League franchise, the team disbanded after only a year of existence.
  • Welsh RL gain Governing Body status

    In 2005, the Welsh Rugby League gained Governing Body status for the first time in their history.
  • Celtic Crusaders formed.

    In 2005, Celtic Crusaders were formed, and were set up to join National League Two in 2006. They were originally set up in Bridgend in the South of Wales. They were promoted to National League One in their second season.
  • Millenium Magic

    A full round of Super League fixtures took place at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff as part of the Millenium Magic concept. It was designed to increase the game's exposure in Wales, and attendance figures were very promising.
  • Celtic Crusaders given Super League lisence

    In 2008, Celtic Crusaders were awarded a Super League lisence along with Salford, ahead of Widnes Vikings. They became the first Welsh side to compete in Rugby League's elite competition.
  • Crusaders reach SL Play offs

    Crusaders reached the Super League playoffs for the first time in their history. Despite being knocked out in the first round to Huddersfield Giants, the feat was still a huge achievement for the team.
  • Crusaders enter administration

    Despite their most succesful season in the club's history, Crusaders entered administration due to 'inherited debt' on the 12th November 2010.
  • Crusaders withdraw SL application

    On the 26th July 2011, Crusaders schocked the Rugby League world by withdrawing their Super League lisence application for 2012 - 2014. The club's owners' stated that they could no longer fund the side.
  • Wales compete in Four Nations

    Wales qualified for the 2011 Four Nations in 2010 and competed against England, Australia and New Zealand. They lost all three games to much stronger opposition.
  • North Wales Crusaders formed

    It is announced that a new club, the North Wales Crusaders will play in Championship One in 2012. They are set to play at the Racecourse Ground in Wrexham.