Development of labor unions

By chase72
  • The National Trades union

    The National Trades union
    The national trades union was founded, the first union
  • National Labor Relations Act

    National Labor Relations Act
    (wagner Act) protected the rights of workers to organize and elect representitives for collective bargaining
  • Commonwealth v. Hunt

    Commonwealth v. Hunt
    in Mass. unions were indeed legal
  • Knights Of Labor

    Knights Of Labor
    Founded by Uriah Stephens in about ten years thei numbers grew almost to 10,000, including women. won several important strikes. popularity declined when accused of killing 7 police officers in haymarket square
  • Founded American Federation of labor

    Founded American Federation of labor
    founded by Samuel Gompers, organized skilled workers by crafts fought for higher wagesshorter hours and better conditions with collective bargaining
  • United mine workers

    miners formed a union to imporve conditions and wgaes for miners
  • Homestead Strike

    Homestead Strike
    Steel company hired a private police to protect the strike breakers conflict insued and left 16 dead.
  • American Railway Union

    American Railway Union
    founded by Railroad Fireman Eugene Debs
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

    Fair Labor Standards Act
    established minimum wage (25 cents an hour) and time and a half for over forty hours of work a week.
  • Fair labor Act

    Fair labor Act
    prohibited child labor