Development of CSI Sciences Timeline

  • 1800 BCE

    Time of Death

    Time of Death
    Forensic scientists started using body temperature to determine a person's time of death. This practice began in the early 1800's.
  • 700 BCE

    First Documented Use of Fingerprints

    First Documented Use of Fingerprints
    In Chinese culture they would use their fingerprints to mark important documents and sculpture. It was the first time fingerprints were documented to be used as identification.
  • First Ballistic Test

    First Ballistic Test
    The first case of a forensic firearm examination happened in 1835, when Henry Goddard applied what he knew about ballistic fingerprinting to link a bullet to an actual culprit.
  • Discovery of DNA

    Discovery of DNA
    Johann Friedrich Miescher, a swiss chemist, discovered the molecule known as DNA in the 1860s.
  • Different Blood Types

    Different Blood Types
    Karl Landsteiner, an Australian doctor who discovered that there are different blood groups, which made making blood transfusions safe.
  • First DNA Testing

    First DNA Testing
    Jeffrey Glassberg first discovered that you could use DNA as a material for identification of an individual.