Development of computers

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  • Binary Numbers

    Binary Numbers
    this system was invented and discovered by Gottfried Leibniz. He released an article about it where he explained the entire system he called it Explication de l'Arithmétique Binaire, which means explanation of the binary arithmetics. in it he explains and sheds light on some chinese legends that have helped develop the codes. this was the starting base for binary code right now. as other scientists built up from what Leibniz discovered from his trips and meetings.
  • Ada Lovelace

    Ada Lovelace
    Ada was born in 1815 Ada's mother wanted her child to learn mathematics and science and have a high education and that is how Ada got into science. in 1833 she met a professor who became like a mentor for her. Ada was tasked with translating an article that her mentor wrote about his research and she decided to add more stuff to it, like explaining and theorizing how codes can be made and how machines can be given orders to do certain things.
  • The first digital computer was invented

    The first digital computer nicknamed the ABC which was short for Atanasoff-Berry Computer. Began development by prof John Vincent Atanasoft and grad student Cliff Berry in 1937 and continued until 1942. This computer used 300 vacuum tubes, and included binary math and boolean logic. This computer is most likely what inspired the creation and development of our computers now.
  • Bill Gates Founded Microsoft

    Bill Gates Founded Microsoft
    Bill gates Founded Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975. the company and program later became the most famous and went on to license support and sell computer, games and consoles. Microsoft became so successful because they were one of the first company's to work with computers and branch off to video games and technology.
  • steve jobs

    steve jobs
    Jobs actually dropped out of college but he was still smart enough to get a job as a game developer at Atari. at 21 Him and steve wozniak actually founded and created the first apple computer in Jobs garage, Wozniak then created the user friendly computers while Jobs marketed them. selling at around $666.66. with the second design they sold for higher, apple then became a company and one of the most respected companies selling almost everything we own from mobile phones to computers