Development of Barbie Doll


    Ruth Handler (creator of barbie) saw the adult doll, BUILD LILLI on a trip to Europe. This inspired her to create a child friendly doll.
  • Inspiration from daughter

    Inspiration from daughter
    Ruth Handlers daughter "Barbara" inspired Ruth Handler further, when she saw her playing with paper dolls. She mentioned the idea of a child friendly doll to her father who was the creator of the toy company "Mattel"
  • International Toy Fair

    International Toy Fair
    Ruth Handler introduced Barbie to the world at the first international toy fair.
  • Original Barbie

    Original Barbie
    The 1st Barbie ever made wore a plain black and white zebra outfit.
  • First Year of Production

    First Year of Production
    During the first year of production Barbie managed to sell 350,000 dolls.
  • Ken Introduced

    Ken Introduced
    The Ken Doll was introduced for the first time. His full name was Ken Carson
  • "How to Lose Weight"

    "How to Lose Weight"
    There was a book called "How to lose weight" featured with one of the barbies. This created a lot of contrevorsy. The advice was to not eat.
  • Buying rights to Build Lilli

    Barbie bought the rights to their biggest competition,Build Lilli. This elliminiated their compeition.
  • Weight scale introduced

    Weight scale introduced
    A barbie set was introduced with a weight scale that was set at 49 kilograms.
  • Coloured Francie

    Coloured Francie
    Coloured Francie, the first black barbie, made her debut. She was the first African-American barbie. They didn't alter any of her features, rather they just painted her black.
  • Barbie Boulevard

    A section of Time Square was dedicated to Barbie for a week. It was called Barbie Boulevard.
  • Cross-Promotion. Oreo Fun Barbie

    Cross-Promotion. Oreo Fun Barbie
    Mattel and Nabosko joined together to lauch a cross promotion of their products. "Oreo" Fun barbie was a barbie that came with oreos. It was a barbie that girls could play with whilst eating oreos.
  • Cross-Promotion Contraversy

    Cross-Promotion Contraversy
    Mattel also made a Oreo Fun Barbie that was black. The black community thought this was racist as it meant that the oreo was black on the outside and white on the inside. After this backlash the doll was deemed unsuccefful and they were recalled. They are now considered collectors item.
  • First Talking Barbie

    The first talking barbie was introudced in 1992. She stirred alot of contreversy as her phrases included "Math class is tough" and "Will we ever have enough clothes?". People thought it was a bad depiction of women and what they stand for. Later in that year Mattel announced they would take the phrase "Math class is tough" out.
  • Toxic Chemicals

    Media claimed that the hard vineal in vintage dolls could lead to toxic chemicals causing danger in childrens. The claim was later rejected by technical experts.
  • Saudi Arabia rejection and Islam Friendly alternate

    Saudi Arabia rejection and Islam Friendly alternate
    Saudia Arabia made Barbie illegal as she didnt conform to the ideas of Islam. Her clothes were too revealing, she had a shameful posture, and her accessories were dectant.
    In the middle east there is a Barbie alternative called "Fulla". She is of similar look to Barbie but she is more accepted. It should be noted that she is not made by Mattel.
  • Ken and Barbie Break Up

    Ken and Barbie Break Up
    In 2004 Mattel announced that Ken and Barbie had broken up.
  • Introduction of Blaine

    Introduction of Blaine
    During Ken and Barbies 2004 split, Blaine was introduced. Blaine was Barbies Aussie surfer lover.
  • Ken Makeover and Barbie reconcilation

    Ken Makeover and Barbie reconcilation
    After Ken had a makeover Mattel was hoping for a reconciliation between Barbie and Ken.
  • Mercedes Benz Fashion Show

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Show
    Andy Warhol celebrated Barbies 50th birthday by having a Mercdes Benz fashion show at fashion week.
  • "Totally Tattoos"

    "Totally Tattoos"
    The Totally Tattoos barbie included the barbie having a lower back tatooo. Controversy arose as parents believed that the tattoo on barbie would influence children to get tattoos.
  • Barbie Video Girl

    Barbie Video Girl
    Barbie Video Girl was released in 2010 by Mattel. Video girl had a camera just above her chesy. Barbie Video Girl could take up to 30 minutes of recording and then would be put on the computer via USB.