• The beginning

    The beginning
    The six design elemenst were discovered
  • Elements

    The 6 elements of design were identified
  • Direction

    J P Talksalot published his paper..."Direction Matters"
  • Into the shopping world

    Maceys declares its Fall Fashion line will use Talksalot's guide to determine the way stripes will appear on their new range of women's fashion
  • Width matters too!

    Width matters too!
    Research in the UK shows that fashionable women are just as interested in the width of the stripe in their clothes, as they are in the direction.
  • WAR and design

    WAR and design
    Fears about the likely conflict in Eurpoe are impacting on design. Military clothing designers are investigation focus as a tool to make soldiers invisible.
  • Roaring twenties

    Roaring twenties
    Fashions go wild as jazz stripes become the latest fad. Are these designers remembering the rules about line characteristics?
  • The end

    This was just a training exercise for using timetoast