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Dennis Rader Crimeline.

By JOH0009
  • First Killings.

    Dennis rader's first time killing. Entire Otero family murdered.
  • Period: to

    KIllings to apprehension.

    From Rader's first killing to his aprehension.
  • Murder of Kathryn Bright.

    Dennis murdered Kathryn Bright.
  • Murder of Shirley Vian.

    Dennis murders Shirley Vian.
  • Murder of Nancy Fox.

    Nancy Fox is strangled to death with a belt.
  • Murder of Marine Hedge.

    BTK kills Marine Hedhe, strangling her with his hands.
  • Murder of Vicki Wegerle.

    Vicki Wegerle is murdered by Rader with a Nylon Stocking.
  • Murder of Dolores E, Davis.

    Dolores is murdered with a pair of pantyhose by, yup you guessed it. Dennis Rader.
  • Dennis Rader goes to prison.

    BTK is apprehended by police and senteced to 10 life sentences in jail (175 years total).