Denis Shaforostov

Timeline created by Daniela Bernal
  • Birth

    Denis Alexandrovich Shaforostov also know as Denis Stoff, was born in ukraine.
  • Guitar

    At 10, Denis started with guitar lessons.
  • His first video

    His first video
    He was a simple fan, a simple young man who used to upload home cover videos, for hobbies, from his living room. He had or has a channel called above92 on YouTube, and his first video was uploaded on June 4, 2008, where he was doing a guitar cover for Young Five.
  • Gaining popularity

    Gaining popularity
    Denis after seeing that he gains popularity in the social networks he founds a band next to his friend bassist Sergei Hohlov and the guitarist Igor Yastrebov called Make Me Famous
  • The first song

    The first song
    They release a single called Make It Precious
  • The first video

    The first video
    Upload the Make It Precious video.
  • Sumerian Records

    Sumerian Records
    In 2011 Shaforostov and his band signed for the American label Sumerian Records.
  • The first album

    The first album
    He releases his first studio album with his band called It's Now or Never.
  • Expelled

    Shaforostov is expelled from his own band by his four companions.
  • New band

    New band
    Is integrated to a Russian band called At The Ruins, but when it is integrated it changes the name to Down & Dirty.
    In that same year they released two singles called 10,000 Miles and All I Want for Christmas Is You.
  • Other single

    Other single
    Release their third single titled Move it,
  • New launch

    New launch
    They release another single called I Will Never Lose My Way.
  • Hello Asking Alexandria

    Hello Asking Alexandria
    Denis Shaforostov joins Asking Alexandria and releases the first single with the band called I Will not Give In, which confirmed all the rumors that Denis Shaforostov would be the new vocalist of Asking Alexandria.
  • The Black

    The Black
    Denis along with his new band released the album called The Black
  • Bye Asking Alexandria

    Bye Asking Alexandria
    Ben bruce makes public the exit of Denis Shaforostov of Asking Alexandria, taking up the former vocalist Danny Worsnop.