Delphi Timeline

By BethEl6
  • 300

    300 B.C. Delphi Theatre

    300 B.C.   Delphi Theatre
    The ancient theatre at Delphi is built further up the hill from the Temple of Apollo. This gives spectators a view of the entire sanctuary and of the valley below. It has 35 rows and can seat 5,000 people.
  • 300

    300 B.C. The Sancutary of Athena

    300 B.C.     The Sancutary of Athena
    This sacred spot Is dedicated to the Goddess Athena. It contains a marble rotunda, Tholos, and is surrounded by beautiful olive trees. The sancutary Is dedicated either to Athena Pronoia (Athena of Foresight) or Athena Pronaia (Athena before the Temple).
  • 355

    355 B.C. The Phokaeans

    355 B.C.     The Phokaeans
    The Phokaeans occupied the palace and stole its treasures. King Phillip of Macedon freed the palace ten years later, in 346 B.C.
  • 373

    373 B.C. Earthquake

    373 B.C.  Earthquake
    An earthquake destroyed much of Delphi. This quake ruined the Temple of Apollo.
  • 400

    400 B.C. Discovery of Delphi

    400 B.C.     Discovery of Delphi
    During the Neolithic period, the earlist findings of Delphi came from the Korykeion Andron, a cave on Parnassos. This was where the first rituals took place.
  • 400

    400 B.C. Alter of the Chians

    400 B.C.     Alter of the Chians
    The Alter of Chians is located in front of the Temple of Apollo. The Temple of Chians is the main alter of the sanctuary. It is composed of black marble, except for the base and cornice.
  • 500

    500 B.C. First Sacred War

    500 B.C.     First Sacred War
    The Amphictyonic League increased its territory. It also gained more political and religious influence throughout Greece. The league reorganized the Pythian Games.
  • 500

    500 B.C. The Pythian Games

    500 B.C.     The Pythian Games
    The Pythian Games are the second most important games in Greece. They are held in honor of Apollo and include poetry competitions. The Olympics are the most important games and orginated from Greek culture.
  • Period: 500 to Jan 1, 600

    Delphic Oracle

    The Delphic oracle was considered extremely trustworthy. Pythia, the priestess, disocvered the oracle. People believe the oracle exsisted since the dawn of time.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1100 to

    Mycenaean Time Period

    Delphi was a place of worship for Mother Earth deity (Ge), before it was converted to the place of worship of Apollo. Apollo is the God of light, harmony and order. Delphi was converted at the end of the 11th century B.C.