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  • When it all began

    When it all began
    Dutch colonists settle at Zwaanendael (site of present-day Lewes).
  • Governor

    Johan Printz becomes governor of the New Sweden Colony.
  • Fort Casimir

    Fort Casimir
    Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch governor of New Netherland, builds Fort Casimir (now New Castle) just a few miles south of Fort Christina on the Delaware.
  • New Netherlands

    The Dutch defeat the Swedes on the Delaware, ending the New Sweden Colony. Delaware becomes a part of New Netherland.
  • English colony

    English colony
    Sir Robert Carr drives the Dutch off the Delaware and claims the land for James, Duke of York. Delaware becomes an English colony.
  • Dutch regain

    The Dutch regain control of the Delaware.
  • English regain

    The English regain the Delaware .
  • Transformation

    The Duke of York transfers control of the Delaware Colony to English Quaker William Penn.
  • Declare Independence

    Delaware Assembly declares independence from England. This is the origin of the holiday called Separation Day. July 1-2: Caesar Rodney makes heroic overnight ride from Dover to Philadelphia to cast the vote that put Delaware on the side of independence. Delaware adopts its first state constitution.
  • Recently

    Delaware passes Civil Unions Bill ,
  • Period: to

    Delaware Histotical Journey