Defining Moments in Canadian history(1914-2011)

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    History of Canada

  • Declaration of war

    When Britain declared war with Triple Entente, Canada was automatically in it because during that time period Canada was still not completely independent.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    A battle where Canadians came together to fight as 1 country. After a long battle, Canada finally won their first battle by themselves.
  • Conscription

    When government forces men 16+ to go to war with the help of womens votes.
  • Halifax explosion

    Explosion in Halifax harbour because French munitions and relief vessel collided
  • Canada is a founding member of the League of Nations

    To prevent another world war, the league of nations was created to spread peace but eventually failed later on and the league broke up.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    A peace agreement was made between the allies and the Germans. Canada's Prime minister Robert Borden insisted that Canada recieved as much credit as the smaller countries who fought in war.
  • Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie

    The day Prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King becomes the political leader of Canada
  • Chinese exclusion act

    A law that prevented Chinese people to come to Canada during 1923 and 1947 . The chinese people who lived in Canada had to pay head tax .
  • Summer olympics

    A time period where people came together from all over the world to compete with each other in sports for medals. Canada won many gold medals that day.
    Percy Williams-mens 100m/mens 200m
    Ethel Catherwood- Women's high jump
    Ethel Smith, Bobbie Rosenfeld, Myrtle Cook, Florence Jane Bell-womens 400m relay
  • Black Tuesday

    The day the stock market crashed. Many people who invested in the stock market became poor thinking they would get rich overnight in Canada
  • World War 2 begins

    Canada declared war, not with Britain this time but independently to fight against Germany
  • Merging of the United Nations

    24 countries including Canada came together to sign an written agreement stating:
    1)The allices were not fighting the war to gain territory
    2)People ahve the right to choose their own government
    3)Countries should co-operate on trade issues.
    4)No single country can control the oceans.
    5)An international organization should protect smaller countries.
  • Interning Japanese Canadians

    The japanese canadians were shipped to camps in British Columbia because Canada was scared they might be spies and backstabbers .
  • The Invasion of Normandy

    Canadian troops teamed up with Americans, and the British to invaded Normandy to defeat Germans. The air crafts played a huge role by launching missiles, some of the places where they attacked were code-named Sword,Juno,Gold, Omaha,and Utah beaches
  • Dropped Atomic bomb on Hiroshima

    United states dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima to end the war quickly. Canada was greatly affected because doing so, the war was over and Canadians came back to their families.
  • Canadian citizenship act

    The day Canada made the act which applied to immigrants who came to Canada.Had to stay in this Country for more then 5 years and answer a series of questions.
  • Canada joins NATO

    Canada joins North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO).Nato is a alliance made up by many northern countries to keep peace in our world.
  • October Crisis

    British trade commissioner James Cross and Provincial minister Pierre were kidnapped by the FLQ which made a big fuss in Canada.
  • Canada's first hockey game challenge from the Soviets

    Canada won its first hockey game against the Soviets for the first time in history.First to 7 wins, Canada with three games won and one tie
  • Official opening of CN Tower

    Canada's national tower opens on this day becoming the world's tallest building and free-standing structure.(553.33m)
  • free trade goes into affect

    Canada and United States made an agree, to have free trade between the 2 countries.
  • War in Afganistan

    The whole purpose of the war was for the US to capture bin laden because of its rumours about the 9/11 crisis. Canada was trying to prevent war from breaking out so they tried to spread peace and convince both sides to stop fighting.
  • Stephen Harper became Prime minister

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper becomes the Prime minister of Canada. On behalf of our votes, Stephen harper has been chosen to make decisions on our behalf.
  • Summer olympics

    Summer olympics held in Bei Jing, Canada participated in the 2008 olympics. The medals they recieved were 3 gold, 9 silver, and 6 bronze and coming in rank 19th.
  • Osama bin laden dead

    Obama announces that Osama bin laden has been found and shot. This affects Canada because now soldiers who were fighting at Afganistan can now come back and live happily