Defining moments in Canadian history (1914 - present)

  • Canada joins the war

    Canada joins the war
    Since Canada was under Britain's wing, Canada had to go to war when Britain declared it.
  • Battle Vimy Ridge

    Battle Vimy Ridge
    This was the first battle that Canada fought by themselves instead of being a part of Britain. Canadian troops won that battle when both British and French troops failed.
  • Conscription

    Conscription is when men are forced to leave their families and serve in the war.The governement passed the Military Service Act in 1917.
  • The Winnipeg General Strike

    The Winnipeg General Strike
    Workers were having a hard time, many workers supported the idea of One Big Union. The strike dividedthe city and the country
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles was a peace agreement between the Allies and Germany.
  • Anti-Semitism

    Anti-Semitism:prejudice against Jews. Jewish people were faced with a lot of discrimination.Across Canada many employers would not hire Jews. Jewish people were also banned from many activities. They were not allowed to go to golf courses,beaches,club and hotels
  • Women's rights to vote (federal)

    Women's rights to vote (federal)
    Before women didnt have the ight to vote, only men did. When the men went to war the factories needed people so they turned to women. After the men came back the women decided that they should be treated equal compared to men. After trying to get the right to vote the governement finally allowed women to vote and have their ideas shared.
  • A Canadian who won medals at the 1928 Olympics

    A Canadian who won medals at the 1928 Olympics
    Percy Williams won the 100-metre sprint in Amsterdam,Holland and he also won the 200-metre race.He was called the greatest sprinter the world has ever seen.
  • End of Child Labour

    End of Child Labour
    Child Labour is when children are forced to work at very young ages.By 1929, child labour was made illegal in most Canadian provinces.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    The stock market crashed and investors started trying to sell their shares. Prices plummeted and panic began.Milions of investors lost huge amounts of money.
  • Battle of Atlantic

    This battle was the longest and most important battle of WORLD WAR 2.At first the Allies were losing the battle because the German troops sank all of their supplies.But by 1943 the Allies were winning. They were winning because the training of sailors improved.Canada also built better warships and Canada's air force increased its support of convoys.
  • The British Common Wealth Air Training Plan

    Since aircrews could not train safely in Britain due to Germans attacking them,Canada and Britain created The British CommonWealth Air Training Plan.This plan allowed aircrews to train safely. The program was a major factor in the Allies success in the air.
  • The Battle in Dieppe,France

    Canadian troops were defeated on the seaport of Dieppe,France. The purpose of this mission was to gather information about the German defences and to test new strategies and equipment.
  • D-Day .........

    Thousands of soldiers move toward ports across the south of England, but the weather worsened and soon the seas in the channel were too rough for the crossing. The generals decide to postpone the invasion.
  • The libreation of Netherlands

    Canadian troops were involved in some of the toughest fighting of the war. They were deafeating German troops. Finally, the German troops surrendered.

    The purpose of NORAD was to track objects in space and issue warnings so that the enemy aircraft and missiles can be shot down before they reach their target. NATO and NORAD both feared that the other would start a nuclear war that would destory life on earth
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Americans were nervous that the Fidel Castro (a communist) government would influence Florida in to becoming a communist. The Soviet Union supported Castro and placed nuclear missiles could be used to attack the United States.When the Americans found out they demanded that the ships be turned around but the Soviet's general disagreed.
  • The October Crisis

    The FLQ members used terrorism to promote an independent,socialist Quebec. An FLQ group kidnapped James Cross and Pierre Laporte five days after.
  • Canadian Citizenship Act

    This act gave equal rights to both Canadian born and naturalized citizens.
  • Canadian Human Rights Act

    This act made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, nationality,ethnic origin,colour,religion,age,sex,sexual orientaion etc.