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Defining Moments in Canadian History

  • 2nd Battle of Ypres

    2nd Battle of Ypres
    Poison gas first used in battle by Germans. French colonial troops fled, but Canadians held the line. Germans failed to make gains with their new weapon, and the overall situation remained a standstill.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    This battle was the biggest victory for Canada during World War I,It was also the first time that Canada had ever planned its own attack without British help.
  • The Military Service Act

    The Military Service Act
    After three years of fighting in WW1, the numbers of dead and wounded increased. People did not want to fight anymore .Prime Minister Borden retreated his promise and introduced a conscription bill, which forced people to join the war.
  • The Halifax Explosion

    The Halifax Explosion
    The Halifax Explosion took place on December 6, 1917, when the city of Halifax, was devastated by the huge detonation of a French cargo ship, fully loaded with wartime explosives. Many people were affected by the influence of explosion .
  • Roy Brown and the Red Baron

    Roy Brown and the Red Baron
    Roy Brown shot down the Red Baron, he went behind the Red Baron and one of his shots killed him. He was a Canadian and he shot a German ace down.
  • Winnipeg General Strike

    Winnipeg General Strike
    was one of the most influential strikes in Canadian history. It resulted in much improved working conditions for millions of Canadians. J.S. Woodsworth, a strike leader who was briefly imprisoned, would go on to found Canada's first socialist political party
  • Discovery of insulin

    Discovery of insulin
    It was discovered by Canadian scientists. Insulin is an important hormone to the body. Diabetes are fatal without insulin. Insulin plays a critical role in the life of many diabetics.
  • The Persons Case

    The Persons Case
    The Famous five worked together to try to improve conditions for women, they changed the life of women that ensure women could participate in all aspects of public life and women were just as qualified to be appointed Senate as men.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    The day the Stock Market crashed and Canada into the beginning of the great depression.
  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl
    It was a huge dust storms that lead to destroying agricultural and ecological damage to farms of the south.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
    The Axis wanted to cut off their raw material supply to starve British from the Allies. The Royal Canadian Navy made anti-submarine warfare its specialty and its convoy escort operations were one of Canada's most significant contributions to the Allied victory
  • Canadian Training Programs

    Canadian Training Programs
    The Canadian government wanted to avoid the conscription crisis that happened in WW2, so the Government provided an agreement that they will train pilots for war.
  • Women support the war effort

    Women support the war effort
    During WW2, without women to step in the economy would have collapsed. Women hard working and supporting helped the soldiers. Canada was well assembled in production and employment.
  • Internment of Japanese begins

    Internment of Japanese begins
    Once the bombing on Pearl Harbour happened, racism came to a head.About 23000 Japanese Canadians were taken from their home and living in internment camps during WW2
  • The Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project
    The Manhattan Project was the product of a secret agreement between the USA, Canada and the UK, Canada contributed to help research and development the Atomic bomb. As a result, it helped to end the war
  • Baby Boom

    Baby Boom
    The conclusion of WWII , soldiers returning home and settled their home which cause birth rates explode for the next twenty years.
  • The Avro Arrow Project

    The Avro Arrow Project
    A jet that could intercept and shoot down enemy bombers. The design was so advanced that the Arrow was said to be 20 years ahead its time. It was Canada one of the best of its kind ever designed. But Prime Minister John Diefenbaker eventually cancelled the project.
  • Medical Care Insurance Act

    Medical Care Insurance Act
    Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas pioneered universal health care when his CCF government started a tax-supported medical-care program. In 1966, the government of P.M Lester Pearson started a national medicare program. By 1972, universal health care was a reality in Canada.
  • The War Measures Act (The FLQ)

    The War Measures Act (The FLQ)
    The FLQ, a terrosis organization, used methods such as kidnapping Canadian officials in order to scare the public. They wanted to split Quebec. As a result, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau used the War Measure Act to ban the FLQ and to arrest more than 450 people, most no link to the FLQ.
  • The Constitution Act

    The Constitution Act
    It was introduced as one of Canada's process of patriating the constitution. Guaranteed fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, mobility rights, legal rights, and equality rights. Defined the official languages of Canada and the enforcement of the act.
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Rwanda

    Canadian Peacekeepers in Rwanda
    Canadian peace keepers fail to stop the genocide in Rwanda which got over a million tutsies killed. In response to this failure to prevent genocide, Canada sponsored a study on how to improve the UN's reaction time and led a campaign to establish an international criminal court to try people who commit crimes against humanity.
  • NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) formed

    NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) formed
    An agreement was signed by the United States,Canada and Mexico to remove tariffs and establish free trade formed the world's largest free trade area. The agreement has brought economic growth and improving standards of living for people in all three countries.
  • Canada in WTO (World Trade Organization)

    Canada in WTO (World Trade Organization)
    The WTO sets and applies trade rules that govern trade among its 150 members.Through the WTO, Canada is able to pursue commercial interests abroad without compromising other domestic policy goals.
  • Peace Keeping in Afghanistan

    Peace Keeping in Afghanistan
    Canada leads the world in sending peacekeepers on foreign missions.Canada joins the peace keeping effort in Afghanistan.Canada is currently on a UN Peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.
  • G20 Summits in Canada

    G20 Summits in Canada
    Its mission was to promote the developed countries and emerging countries are substantive discussions between research and to seek cooperation and promote the international financial stability and sustainable economic development.Canada has been a strong participant at these summits because Canada brings a strong economic.