Decade of Technology in Music

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In Music
  • Third Generation Macintosh

    Steve Jobs had come out with the third generation Macintosh that enabled the internal computer cards for direct-to-hard-disk recording systems for music.
  • Cubase Audio Mac

    Steinberg released a computer-based digital audio recorder for the Macintosh. And later, in 1994, Steinberg collaborated with Yamaha that produced software that was compatible for all computers.
  • MP Man

    Mr. Moon took his idea of the MP3 player to Saehan Information Systems and was showcased to Korea and Japan at the CeBIT show. Not long after, the F20 model was released to Europe and United States during the summer of 1998. Unfortunately, a different MP3 player had become more popular and the MP Man stop selling, but they were the first on the market, technically.
  • HitClips

    Hasbro's Tiger Electronics released HitClips which was like a very mini cassette player for a chip that played only 60 seconds of a song. It became the most affordable listening devices for music lovers.
  • Limewire

    Limewire was created by Mark Gorton at Limewire LLC and primarily used to download free music to your MP3 player and/or iPod and a platform for P2P file sharing. It was easily the most used platform for a century.