• Deborah Sampson is born.

  • Ten years before the Revolutionary War.

  • Deborah was 10 years old. Boston people were angry.

  • Deboarh was 13 years old.

    People wouldn't only by tea from Egland.
  • Deborah was 14.

    The king punished the people of Boston. No ships could sail until the tea was paid for.
  • Deborah was 15 years old.

    Men were training to go to war.
  • Deborah was 16 years old.

    The Congress people voted for the Declaration of Independence.
  • Deborah was 18 years old

    Deborah was free. The war started.
  • Deborah signed up for the army for three years. Signing her name as Bobby. She got wounded in the war. Shot in the head and leg. She took out the bullet with a pocketknife.

  • Deborah was discarged from the the army.

  • She got married to a man named Ben and had kids.

  • She had her own show to peform to people about her life.

  • The government voted to give money to the soldiers that were hurt in the war.

  • She died at the age of 65.