Deaf Community timeline

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  • samuel heincke

    he established schools that taught deaf children how to communicate using sounds of the throat
  • Roch Ambroise

    Roch was an educator of the deaf at a school and eventually became a headmaster at a deaf school in Paris.
  • Deaf- Mute school

    the first deaf mute public school was founded in france
  • the bolling family

    the first family to try and make a deaf and dumb school in the colonies
  • clerc gallaudet

    Laurent Clerc and Thomas Gallaudet opened the Connecticut Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf
  • NDMC

    Abraham Lincoln signed a bill creating the national deaf and mute college
  • edward gallaudet

    he helped start the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Blind in Washington, DC, which later became Gallaudet University.
  • Edward Galluadet

    he held a school for the deaf abnd blind which later became Galluadet university
  • deaf president

    Gallaudet University was shut down by student protesters who refused to have a hearing president rather than a Deaf leader for their institution. As a result I. King Jordan became the first Deaf president of Gallaudet University.
  • Chochlear implants

    a device surgically implanted device that allows deaf people to hear sound in both ears.
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