D.B and Server Work at the USAID

  • Working with the Albanian Garment Page

    Updating the Gament page , contacting the DM staff
  • Clients Promotional Materials

    Updating Promotional Materials of the Clients
  • Translating Promotional Materials

    Translating Clients One-pagers
  • Period: to

    June-July work progress

    Progressing with the D.B and Server Optimiztaion
  • Zoho DB

    Exploring settings and group policies
  • Server

    Copying the technical folder and starting to the first changes according to the Utilization Procedures
  • Zoho DB

    Continuing with the insertion process in order to facilitate advisors work and exploring reports on Zoho DB
  • Zoho DB 2

    Comparing currents forms and viwes and adding new ones based on the team requests
  • Zoho DB

    Continuing with the insertion process and exploring the reports
  • Zoho Insertion

    Insert the final documents in the Zoho DB
  • Server

    Pictures and other types of information regarding communication will be copied in a different location. Finished folders will be inserted in the Database
  • Server Clean Up

    Proceed with the finalization of the clean up of the technical folder and review with advisors during the weekly meeting
  • Zoho DB

    Insert and order information already checked during the server clean up and traing staff to correctly insert the information in the forms.