days under confinement.

Timeline created by aitana.mantolan.garcia
  • first day

    first day
    the first day wake up late a bit nevous for the coronavirus,
    i did the exercicie and when i finally i sew the TV and play with my dog.
  • second day

    second day
    The second day i get up early because i had start for the class.
    I'm very happy because mi idol and an other person of the serie they did one live in english and is very fun sew them and laugh
  • third day

    third day
    the third I did the homework tired and I wait for the day to end, to go to the living room with my parents, and we play together and laugh together
  • fourth day

    fourth day
    i did the breakfast and then i do the hoomework, how every day, I did things at home, for example:help my mother for the eat, i clean the windows,i make my bed ....
  • fifth day

    fifth day
    at last i'm very happy because is already was Friday and i didn't do many excercie because for my this day is the day of didn't do exercice.
    I was palying with mi dady what we were Americans

    we have a awesome time together
    .I always tell my father dady because i love talk in english and fell i am a american person