days of my life

  • The korean war, 1950-1953

    The korean war, 1950-1953
    the korean war begins. The US fights the war 1950-1953. The US divided korea at the 38th parallel
  • the war in vietnam

    the war in vietnam
    Many people died
  • Assassination of John F. Kennedy

    Assassination of John F. Kennedy
    Many people cried for the loses of a grate president. He was the youngest president we had. Loved by all the people. He was a veteran in world war two.
  • Martin Luther kings assassination

    Martin Luther kings assassination
    he was assassinated in his motel. He was one of the best african american leader
  • Period: to

    Days of my life

  • day i was born

    Im one of ten kids. I have seven sisters and three brothers. I love playing soccer. Like spendin time with family.I was born in Michigan and the second youngest.
  • brothers born

    the day my life ended. Because he loves pushin my buttins.
  • 911

    the day the twin towers fell.
  • Rode my first bike

    Rode my first bike
    I rode my first bike when i was six. iI got it for my birthday and it was big and blue
  • osama bin laden is dead

    osama bin laden is dead
    Osama Bin Laden is killed by the US troops