Day Of The Distinguished: Anh Do

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  • Birth

    On the 2nd of June, 1977 Anh Do the yet to become known comedian, actor, author and artist was born, but by the age of three was taken away from his home country, Vietnam but successfully made it to Australia where he is known by almost everyone and from then was known as the happiest and littlest refugee.
  • Came to Australia

    Came to Australia
    Anh Do and his family, neighbours and as small handful of friends on a 9.5 meter by 2 meter fishing boat thought that they were safe from the war had even bigger problems. They faced pirates twice and had no food or water to eat or drink.
  • Rescued from Sea

    Rescued from Sea
    After 5 days of starvation and thirst, Anh Do an his family were rescued by a German cargo ship on its way to Australia.
  • SeaChange

    In 2000 Anh Do acted in his first ever movie SeaChange as he played Quan Tho.
  • Don't Blame Me

    Don't Blame Me
    In 2002 Anh Do acted in 'Don't Blame Me' and he played the character Vinnie.
  • All Saint Episode:The Devil To Pay

    All Saint Episode:The Devil To Pay
    In All Saints, Anh Do played Tim Salter
  • Little Fish

    Little Fish
    In the movie Little Fish, Anh Do played Tran.
  • Blue Water High Episode: It's Hard To Be Normal

    Blue Water High Episode: It's Hard To Be Normal
    In Blue Water High, Anh Do played Robbo. It was the 16th episode of the first season.
  • Solo

    In Solo, Anh Do made a special appearence as he was the character Nguyen.
  • Footy Legends

    Footy Legends
    In the mvie Footy Legends, he played Luc Vu who stars in the movie.
  • Kick

    In the television series kick, Anh Do played Hoa Tran
  • Crooked Buisness

    Crooked Buisness
    In crooked buisness Anh Do played the character Benny Wing
  • Double the Fist

    Double the Fist
    In Double the Fist he played Krakbot.
  • The Finish People

    The Finish People
    Anh Do played as a Factory Worker in The Finish People
  • The Happiest Refugee Awards

    The Happiest Refugee Awards
    The Happiest Refuguee is a self-biography about Anh Do and his life. In 2011, his book was successful with 4 awards won. Those awards were,Independent Booksellers Book Of The Year, Joint winner (with musician Paul Kelly) Of The Biography Of The Year, Best Newcomer and Book Of The Year.
  • Archibald 2014

    Archibald 2014
  • Long Lost Family

    Long Lost Family
    This year, Anh Do and Chrissie Swan are the hosts of the new Australian Series, Long lost Family were families are reunited with lost family members.
  • Period: to

    Vietnamese War

    The Vietnamese War was a very sorrowful time in Vietnam and for those people that lost their lives. Just like Anh Do, many people were forced to leave and escape their country and become a refugee in countries like Australia, America, Africa, China, Asia and much more.
  • Period: to

    Game show Extravaganza

    He was starring in many game shows and shows such as:
    Talking Heads
    Top Gear
    The Squiz (Host)
    Made in China (Host)
    Short and curly (Host)
    Deal or no deal special (Special Guest)
    Dancing with the Stars (Finalist)
    Thank God You're Here
    Pictures of you and much more
  • Period: to

    Anh Does World

    Anh Do travels to many diffrent countries and explores their history, food, lifestyle and beliefs. He's done many countries such as Vietnam in 2012, Britain in 2013, Scandinavia and Brazil 2014.