DAT 223 Data Timeline

By cefish
  • BRFSS Completes Interviews

    According to the CDC BRFSS is the largest continuously conducted health survey system in the world and completes more than 400,000 health-related adult telephone interviews each year.
  • Period: to

    Heart Matters Timeline

  • Data Retrieved And Stored In Secure Hard Drive

    Data was retrieved from the BRFSS database and stored in CSV format on a secure hard drive in a locked room.
  • 28 Million Adults Have Heart Disease

    According to the CDC 28 million adults aged 18 and over in the United States have heart disease.
  • Expansion Into Alabama

    Heart Matters expands their business into several offices in Alabama and receives funding to use an SQL database to store, analyze, and manage data.
  • New Data Analyst Hired

    Heart Matters hired a new data analyst for the Alabama location and asked them to re-review the master data set. They discovered that the CSV file contained characters that were unreadable by the SQL database during data migration. This resulted in data loss and the import quantity didn't match the original CSV file.
  • IT Administrator Transfers Data

    The IT system administrator was instructed to physically transfer the data to the new location. Both the data set and codebook were copied to a flash drive, delivered to the new location, and immediately imported into the new system.