Darwin's Journey

By moorcam
  • Begining of Journey: Devonport, England

    This is when Darwin set off for his journey. He started in Devonport England.
  • Period: to

    Darwin's Journey

  • Cape Verde, Porto Praya

    This was Darwin's first destination. The island was quite desolate, because of a previous volcano blast.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    They saw a lot of dolphins jumping out of the water. They also noted the water looked like it had a lot of phosphourus.
  • Maldonado, Uruguay

    The island is inhabited by a small civillization of Spainards, but otherwise nothing is noted.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

    They found many different fossils, including the fossils of the Megalonyx, the Scelidotherium, and the Megatherium (9 to be exact). They were all Quadrepeds.
  • Port St. Julian, Argentina

    The island was very large in proportion, and had a large amount of seashells.
  • Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

    There was a tribe of people who followed the ship as it sailed along the coast.
  • Bay of S. Carlos, Chile

    4 days after arival, the volcano on the island became active. It was quite the spectable, casting a bright reflection on to the water.
  • Valdivia, Chile

    An earthquake happened near the coast, and the tides became messed up. The water rose quickly, not in waves, but just quickly, and then subsided again.
  • Concepcion, Chile

    The earthquake had wrecked the whole entire place. Huge waves destroyed 70 of the towns, and the beach took a lot of wear and tear.
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    Darwin explored the Galapagos Islands, examining animals, and plants. He found finches on all of the islands, but they all varied a little. Some had stubby beaks, some had shorter tails, etc. He found lots of crators on the islands too, from volcano eruptions.
  • Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

    Darwin found vegetation near the bottom of the island, but couldn't see much because off clouds. As soon as they got near, they were surrounded by canoes.
  • Sydney, Australia

    He found the beaches had a lot of sandstone cliffs, with thin scrubby trees, and lots of villas in the capital of Australia.
  • Cocos Islands

    The islands were atolls, with coral formations and lagoons.
  • Port Louis, Mauritius

    The island rises up abruptly from the ocean. There are large, rugged cliffs, and small houses in a narrow valley.
  • Ascension

    A volcanic island, in a hot dry climate. The land is mostly black, except for the Green hill, that has the faintest tinge of color.
  • Falmouth, England

    Darwin returns to England after a 5 year journey.